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The sea shipment

Agency of import and export of goods transportation and customs, commodity inspection, dangerous goods declaration, storage, ground transportation business provide the import distribution and export cargo business complere service contractors container, bulky equipment multimodal transport and door-to-door transport business provides goods tracking service and agency transportation insurance business provides route design, freight inquiry, cost accounting services and engineering bidding project logistics services.


Booking agent

We have all over the world service agent network and sound branch, with COSCO, CMA CGM, MAERSK LINE, K - world famous, APL, etc for many years and shipping companies establish good cooperation relationship is to provide you with the most efficient transportation, cheapest fares powerful guarantee!


Shipping agency

Providing charter booking, making according to operate and sailing trailers, freight rate inquiry, agency of insurance, railway, highway and transit the import and export of related to overseas network transport services for domestic and overseas customers, provide network agency service, including specified goods with the receipt and operation arrange inland freight and extension services. Shun billion according to customer's specific goods will and lines for you customise the applicable to your shipping costs, reduce shipping scheme.